Daily Cards List

2014-11-29 The Magician
2014-11-30 Knight of Cups
2014-12-01 Ace of Swords
2014-12-02 Ace of Cups
2014-12-03 Four of Cups
2014-12-04 Three of Wands
2014-12-05 Ace of Pentacles
2014-12-06 Eight of Pentacles
2014-12-07 The Magician
2014-12-08 Seven of Swords
2014-12-09 Four of Wands
2014-12-10 The Emperor
2014-12-11 Six of Swords
2014-12-12 Ace of Pentacles
2014-12-13 Two of Pentacles
2014-12-14 Nine of Cups
2014-12-15 Eight of Wands
2014-12-16 Five of Pentacles
2014-12-17 Page of Swords
2014-12-18 The Death
2014-12-19 Two of Swords
2014-12-20 Five of Pentacles
2014-12-21 Five of Wands
2014-12-22 Ten of Wands
2014-12-23 The Hierophant
2014-12-24 Page of Cups
2014-12-25 Five of Pentacles
2014-12-26 Eight of Wands
2014-12-27 Two of Cups
2014-12-28 Four of Pentacles
2014-12-29 Ten of Pentacles
2014-12-30 Nine of Swords


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