A weekly reading for 25-31/5 2015

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I made a spread to do a weekly reading that I think is going to suit me. I seldom has the time during the week to get any reflection time with my cards so I will try doing it this way.

The nine cards are all from Tarot Illuminati by Erik C Dunne and the Oracle card are from Oracle of the Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish.

Queen of Pentacles. Avoid this: During this week I have to try to maintain a balance between work and home, a balance between spending and saving as this is also the week for when we get our salaries… I think the card tells me to not “over” anything

1 of Wands. Monday is a day with fresh ideas, where I will feel optimistic at work, or maybe someone else reveals new ideas. Do something different than I usually do things can lead to positive news.

The World. Tuesday is a sort of a end-of-a-phase day, a pretty good day of harmony and feelings of being an integrated part of the work.

8 of Wands. Wednesday will be a day of swift anything – results, action, messages. Act responsible and go with the flow.

The Empress. Thursday I will see results of work previously done even if I feel overloaded right now with work. I need to have a createive outlet today – maybe knit or create something on the computer…

4 of Cups. Friday will probably be a bit boring and I will not feel the need to seek out other people, I need a bit of reflection time

The Magician. Saturday will see a focused energy, maybe via the computer or other modern technology. everything I try to achieve will depent on myself.

Queen of Cups. Sunday is Mother’s Day here in Sweden and it looks like that in the cards too, even if maybe the girls will bicker on each other a bit… a nurturing, nice day to follow my heart.

The Devil. Do this week: Tough one here… Don’t make rash decisions but instead plan carefully. If you can try to break free of negative patterns of behaviour.

Oracle guidance for this week: Receptivity – a week of abundance is waiting for you – be open to recieve the gift of love from the Universe.



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