Day 8

Day 8
Page of Wands – i would day that i should use my creativity more and communicate it to others without fearing holding back. Dont be afraid to take the leadership.



Day 7

Day 7
Six of Wands – Im sabotaging my success with victory??? Help! This card slumps me as an answer to that question…


Day 6

Day 6
Temperance and Four of Pentacles – my weaknesses are to keep a balance in my life, its too easy for me to go either too small or to much. The same applies when dealing with money… I need to strive for the in-between…


Day 5

Day 5
Ace of Pentacles and The Lovers – one of my strength is from my husband and our relationship and belief in each other. The other I have from the comforts of my home, as an introvert, that is where I gather my strength and also invest materially to have all the comforts I like and am willing to work hard to get them.


Day 4

I think these two cards tell me that my surprises will be unexpected and most likely come from my own indecision. They tell me that it would benefit me to use my cards more in helping me decide, trust my own intuition more. Dont daydream – do things instead!


Day 3

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/f47/71312288/files/2015/01/img_0007.jpgDay 3
The World from Paulina Tarot
I have yet left to reach the end of one cycle, reaching completion. Something is unfinished and has to continue over to the new year for me to reach wellbeing and fulfillment.


Challenge day 2

The Dance Unveiling – dont rush for things to happen, they will anyway in their on time. Believe that the universe reveal actions when its time. Be patient!



Challenge day 1

Im using Kuan Yin Oracle for my 21 day challenge.
What is the theme of my journey in 2015?
The Sweeping Sister Willow is telling me about a year of empowering and forgiving myself and others. It will be a healing year where I will grow in spirit and in mind



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