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Ace of Swords

Illuminati 1 Swords from Tarot Illuminati

“The Ace of Swords often represents a new attitude replacing an old one.  A fresh way of looking at things can bring clarity to the situation.   With this clarity you can now see both sides of the situation.  You are now in a position to judge wisely.  Whatever the situation is it will call on you to use your reason and approach it in a logical manner.   You must think with your head now and not your heart.  You may find this very easy or very difficult to do.  Mental sharpness and focussed concentration is necessary.  Listen to both sides of the argument before making any decision. Find out the facts first and then use your head to sort any problems out.” Truly Teach Tarot

Keywords from other sources collected randomly: Thinking things trough. Fresh plans and strategies. Determination. The power of words. Right timing. Rationality. Legal matters. Out of evil something good emerges. Surgery. Life offers you a new possibility, and you must weigh carefully the likely outcomes of any actions you take. An idea or a plan to improve your material wellbeing. A ‘break-through’ or an ‘aha’ moment. To seek out the truth of the matter and to find justice. Teamwork is not your strongest suit, and you produce your best work on your own. A quick, logical solution to a problem, but not necessarily a pleasant one. Transform ideas into action using knowledge, intellect, communication, and wisdom. Make haste, take action, act boldly and decisively. Seek out the kinds of people, places, activities, or things that keep your mind stimulated. The sword of truth.A sense of something unpreventable that will change the entire life

Season: Spring
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